This collection of images was taken by Ronald J. Saunders during a Mentor Series Photo Trek sponsored by Nikon and Popular Photography in September of 2007. Some photographs were taken after the end of the session during the four extra days I stayed in the area.

The locations were Yellowstone, Nevada City, and Elkhorn Ranch, Montana.

Elkhorn Ranch
c/o Linda Miller 33133 Gallatin Road
Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730
Phone: 406-995-4291

Danie Dammel
(running horse in field, b/w shirt, switched to rainbow shirt)
(running horse in the field, light teal shirt)
Ana Kauffmann
(at the pond, purple shirt)
Greg Fields
(green shirt, brown vest at pond)
Jim McGuiness and daughter Mariah
(Mariah; white shirt, cowboy hat, modeled at barn)
(Jim; white shirt, teal scarf, black cowboy hat, black vest at barn)

Nevada City models:
Jake Barciz - (Buffalo Bill)

Sound Track, Americana, composed by Jonathan Geer and licensed from